Girish was diagnosed with unilateral cleft lip and palate and has been a patient of New Faces since birth. Girish at birth   Radiographs    Alveolar bone graft and supervision of dentition    Girish at age 12: minor space requirements   Midtreatment: Dentition and supervision of oral hygiene   Girish at age 15, post treatment: left,

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Ashwini was born with left unilateral cleft lip and palate. She came for treatment at birth. Below is her journey with New Faces. Left: Before surgery, Right: Post Surgery, after lip correction    Left: Ashwini at age 12, Right: Ashwini at Age 16, levelling and alignment of teeth   Ashwini at age 20: Preparation for surgery

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Adult Rehabilitation

  Adult operated unilateral cleft lip and palate with complaint of facial asymmetry.   Pretreatment: extra-oral view   Pretreatment: Intra-oral view   Pre-surgical preparation   Post-surgical view   X-Rays (left to right): pretreatment, pre-surgery, post treatment   Rhinoplasty   Post treatment: intra-oral view   Frontal view: pretreatment and post treatment   Profile view: pretreatment and post

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Thaseena was born with an enlarged upper jaw, due to which she was unable to close her mouth. The upper jaw also had proclined teeth. The lower jaw was backwardly placed. Since she is in the growth phase, she was treated using growth modification appliances and orthodontics. The first phase of treatment was 2 years.

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Pretreatment Patient Kumar aged 55 years, was unable to receive treatment for cleft lip due to financial constraints. The lip repair was done at St. Johns Medical College and Hospital by Dr.Vijay Joseph.   Post treatment

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