Our Patron

New Faces is proud to have Kabir Mulchandani as both our patron and financial sponsor. Kabir is a highly successful international businessman and is the Group CEO of Five Holdings.

Kabir Mulachandani

“At Five Holdings we fund cases that we are most passionate about and where we feel we can make the biggest difference. As a father of three young boys and the Group CEO of a family-owned company, supporting children in need is the greatest difference I think we can make as a business.
Children are our future, and the situation and circumstance they are born into is not something that can be controlled. Through the surgeries it undertakes, the New Faces Trust not only provides children with operations they could otherwise not afford to have, it also changes their lives.
These surgeries restore confidence and dignity to those either born with facial deformities or have been injured. Critically, they can also remove the social stigma and psychological stress often associated with a condition. For example, the money SKAI recently donated will fund facial operations for twin girls with a cleft lip and palate for the next 17 years as they grow and their needs change.
Not only will they be able to smile, these girls will be able to lead normal lives.
The donation will fund the employment of several full and part time staff, including an orthodontist and several dentists to help with much needed clinical work. Our grant will also continue to fund these important operations going forward.
It is an honour to partner with the New Faces Trust and we look forward to continuing to make a difference together.”